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A lot is changing....
Are you changing a lot?

Whether you are forming change or change is forming you,  opportunities occur and decisions are being made. Waiting can be a strategy and sometimes the right decision is not to decide. 

What are the decisions you are making today?  Have you taken  everything into account? Do you feel like something needs to change or do you feel like you are being changed?

The so-called experts are talking about pandemics,  global warming, political instability, digitalization, new work , generation x, y, z and something they call "the new normal". Companies are scaling up, others are scaling down, though most companies seem to  be standing still waiting.

Who is your expert of choice? What is the expertise you need to make the decision you need to make?

You are the expert for your life.

Alti - Professional Coach

How I work

You are the perfect expert and you have everything you need to make the best decisions for yourself. Wherever you are in your career or in your private life I am convinced that you have everything you need to maneuver through whatever situation you are dealing with.
Using coaching methods I support you in identifying your personal strengths and how to use them best in the situation given. I facilitate over thirty years of experience with clients and colleagues to consult you. I support you identifying possibilities and shortcuts dealing with stakeholders such as clients, peers, subordinates or even superiors.

No matter how hard the hard things may be at this moment I am convinced that  almost all solutions can be found with levity and kindness.

As your coach I support you in carving out yours´s and your team´s strengths.

As a consultant I advise you on the changes your organization is going through.

As a trainer I show your people how focusing on giving excellent service can turn prospects in to loyal clients.

What you get

Systemic Coaching

Some subjects

I support my

leadership in the new normal
mindset and focus
effective annual appraisals
managing and delegating
workload skillset
am I leading or managing?
the hard thing about hard things
managing your manager
setting priorities

Change Management

My marketing- and sales background allows me to consult my clients around:

brand transformation
creating a customer centric organization
succession planning
portfolio assessment
reporting systems
motivation of teams
conflict management
team communication
buying and replenishment
restructuring organization

internal communication


Over 30 years serving and selling in retail has given me expertise in:

customer journey
customer experience
welcoming and hosting
service mindset
professional appearance
behavior and attitude
closing the deal
store manuals
definition of procedures
incentive systems

Business Coach - Change Management

About me

Over thirty years of experience serving clients

Born in Reykjavik, Iceland 1972 into a family of luxury retailers and sold my first Burberry coat at the age of 12. Moved to Germany 1992 to work in fashion and for studying. Mastered in Philosophy and later in Business. Today I am a Certified Coach and Change Manager. My brought experience roots in the one to one service, finding individual solutions for clients. I held  several management positions in the fashion industry in Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia with teams up to 300 people working for Hugo Boss, Prada and Hermes just to name a few.

l am known for activating kindness and a positive solution-oriented atmosphere, I am an optimistic intercultural person burning for the opportunity to support professionals in mastering their game.

I believe that  when having difficulties or going through big changes the solution lies in sharing your thoughts. Self-reflection and receiving feedback is the road towards activating personal skills.  During my career I had some of the most amazing coaches and mentors and coworkers to learn from.

It would be a great pleasure to learn what you are dealing with and get a chance to further inspire you. Maybe I can support you on a part of your journey.

Kindest regards, Atli

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